Smoked salmon and raw vegetables sandwich cake

 Today I'm sharing a perfect recipe for an appetizer: a cake sandwich! It will be a hit with your guests, I guarantee it! 😉 I made this recipe for an aperitif with my girlfriends and they loved the idea. "


Smoked salmon and raw vegetables sandwich cake


6 pains Swedish
+1/2 concombre
+150 g of smoked salmon
+1 yaourt Grec
+2 to 3 CS of cheese and finely chopped herbs
+150 g of cheese from cheese to tartiner (type Philadelphia)
+2 cl of liquid cream (30% mg)
+5 to 6 cherry tomatoes
+2 or 3 radis
+ Sheets of fresh basil
+ Brins de ciboulette

Stage 1
Laver et couper le comombre en fines rondelles (à la mandolin c'est pratique). Cover the salmon in marceaux. Mix the Greek greens, the ail cheese and finely chopped herbs then add a little aneth, of the sel and the powder.

Stage 2
Take a first tranche of pain. Grate yaourt tartiner and recover the surface of concomb rolls. Have another slice of pain on hand. The tartiner also from yaourt Greg and recovers the surface, this time, from smoked salmon. Continue like this, alternating the layers, ending with a slice of pain.

Stage 3
Fouetter the cheese to tartiner with the cream. Recover the patch of this preparation until it is all white.

Stage 4
Cover the radishes with finesse rondelles. Cover the cherry tomatoes in quarters. Make the onion and basil. Decorate the cake with a sample photo (or trust your imagination). Set aside fees or serve as an assistant.


Smoked salmon and raw vegetables sandwich cake


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