Perfect Tacos Tilapia

 Tilapia fillet tacos in just ten minutes, healthy and delicious, just mix all the ingredients - including portions of kale and carrot - and you're ready to go!

Perfect Tacos Tilapia


Tilapia Fillet Tacos

1 pack of 8 Old El Paso ™ Stand 'n Stuff ™ Soft Tortillas

1 packet of Old El Paso ™ Taco Spice Mix

500 g Nile perch fillet, diced

200 g finely chopped green cabbage

30 g carrot, diced

1 tablespoon of vegetable oil

2 tablespoons chopped red onion

2 tablespoons of chopped fresh cilantro

1 tablespoon of lime juice

1 tablespoon of honey

Chipotle-lime sauce

120 ml low-fat yogurt

3 tablespoons of honey

1 tablespoon of lime juice

1 canned Chipotle pepper


Put all the ingredients for the Chipotle-lime sauce in a blender and mix until you obtain a homogeneous mixture. Reserve.

Heat a medium non-stick skillet over medium-high heat. Heat the oil and put the fish fillet in the pan and cook, stirring occasionally, until the fish is almost cooked. Then add 1 tablespoon of the taco spice blend and cook for 2 more minutes, stirring occasionally, until the fish is cooked through.

Meanwhile, combine the collard greens, onion, carrots and cilantro in a medium bowl. Combine the lime juice and honey in a small bowl until the mixture is smooth. Then pour the mixture over the vegetables and set aside.

Reheat tortillas according to package directions. Fill the fish in the tortillas, add the vegetables and the sauce.

Perfect Tacos Tilapia

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